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We believe that it is not enough to only promote a touristic destination through holiday offers with a good cost/performance ratio, but also by using all positive aspects of a countries image. Sectors like design, fashion, lifestyle and wellness, cuisine and wine, music, sports and culture offer an interesting approach to directly reach a huge target group.

Why not using the tourism sector to promote a product or, respectively, why not attracting attention for a touristic product through brand new lifestyle topics? We will open new doors for your marketing.

For the past 15 years we have been working with agencies, mass media, tourism industry and institutions with focus on the italian and german speaking markets. In addition we can push your products in Austria, Switzerland and Northern Europe. Innovative and smart marketing concepts, devoloped to meet your needs, will launch your product targeting the desired clients. Thanks to our international network of contacts we are able to build useful synergies that help to save you money and particularly offer new ways to promote your product or destination.

Consolidated knowledge of markets, products and all relevant aspects of the respective destination is the undeniable basic requirement for an efficient communication and sales. We offer you a huge local network, local language skills, the understanding of mentality and brand new trends. Our enthusiasm for Europe, international communication and trend scouting is motivating us to propose new strategies for tourism and product promotion.

Concepts of destination lifestyle communication reinforce the presence of your product on the target market. Just contact us.

  • press office: editing and dispatching of press releases and public relation texts in different languages
  • analysis of strength and weaknesses of your product on the target market (SWOT)
  • contacts with mass media, tourism industry, agencies, testimonials
  • organisation, preparation, conduction of press conferences / presentations / events
  • organisation of press trips
  • editing of invitations, event management, reporting services and follow-up
  • scouting for locations in destinations for several kinds of events
  • location marketing and pr
  • editing of newsletters and scouting for themes and trends
  • representation of your company at trade fairs in Germany and Italy
  • translation and rewriting of press releases and public relation texts
  • development of print material in different languages